Dear Team,
The following changes are being made into the portal with effect from 16th March 2018. Please read through the changes as follows:

1. All portal values will change to dollar: All values where BTC was being depicted earlier will now show their corresponding USD value, e.g. subscriptions, Earnings (bonuses), wallet balances, withdrawals, reports, genealogy, etc.
2. Cloud Mining Subscription: All Contracts will henceforth be in US Dollar value and not in BTC. The minimum dollar contract will be of $500 and goes upto $25000.
3. Withdrawal Fees: The user can now select the withdrawal fees based on his/her priority viz. Low,Medium and High. The selection by the user will govern the speed at which the withdrawal is processed by the Bitcoin Network. Please note that a withdrawal fee is being charged by the Bitcoin network.
4. New Sections Two new Sections have been added – Announcements/Notification and Downloads – Which will start soon.
Looking forward to hearing constructive feedback from the users on these changes made for the betterment of the Network.

Happy Hashing!
Team Hash99